Friday, October 02, 2009

Zoo Keeps Eye On Gorilla With Face Tumor

gorilla tumorZookeepers at the Cincinnati Zoo are keeping a close eye on one of their gorillas, who has a very large tumor on her face.

Muke has had the tumor for more than a year. She is still able to eat, but keepers want to get a closer look to find out if it's cancer.

"Even if it were cancer, it's not operable," said Ron Evans, the zoo's primate team leader.

Complicating matters further is that Muke is still taking care of her son Bakari.

"It's very important that (Bakari) have his mother available to him as long as possible. It takes gorillas quite a few years -- probably 10, and with silverbacks 15 years -- to reach full size and there's a lot of lessons they have to learn like humans," said Evans.

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