Monday, October 26, 2009

Starving Monkeys Fed By Thai Navy

hungry monkeysHungry monkeys are getting some relief from the Thai navy. The crew has started feeding a group of long-tailed macaques monkeys on Kledkaew Island, off Thailand.

The monkeys are starving because they don't have enough food, and the tourists who usually feed them have not been to the island because of bad weather. The navy now delivers bags of bananas and cucumbers to the monkeys.

Reuters reported that hundreds of monkeys live on the island, which is located within the naval training base. The navy started regularly supplying food to the monkeys after reports that many drowned while trying to catch fish from the sea.

When the boat reaches the shore, the monkeys gather around to await their handout. There used to be about 20 tourists a day who would come to the island to leave food for the monkeys, but that number has dwindled to less than five.

Full story here.

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