Monday, October 19, 2009

Chimp Fifi Dies After 46 Years At Toledo Zoo

fif the chimpThe Toledo Zoo is mourning the loss of a chimpanzee that had been at the zoo for 46 years.

Fifi, a 49-year-old female chimp, died Friday after a rapid decline in health.

"That is very, very old for a chimp both in captivity and in the wild," said Randi Meyerson, the zoo's curator of mammals. "She lived a good, long life."

Fifi came to the zoo in 1963 at the age of 3 and was a well-liked member of the community with a strong personality, Ms. Meyerson said.

On Thursday she started showing signs that she was stiff and tired. Chief Veterinarian Chris Hanley examined her and started her on medication, which improved her condition and on Friday morning she was moving better and was more active.

By the afternoon, however, she had become disoriented, deteriorated rapidly, and died.

A necropsy revealed possible blood vessel abnormalities in the brain, and further tests are pending to determine a cause of death.

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