Friday, August 07, 2009

Monkey Takes Train For A Joy Ride

monkey trainIn a bizarre incident, a monkey reportedly got into the driver’s cabin of a railway engine stationed in a northern railway workshop at Alambagh, and as it monkeyed around, it pressed a lever, setting the engine in motion.

The unmanned engine hurtled down the track, hit another engine which got derailed but still travelled about 200 m before getting bogged in muddy ground, just about 15 m short of a row of shops on the busy Kanpur Road.

The incident took place on Tuesday evening. For more than 36 hours, the railways kept mum. On Thursday, the shed-man (supervisor) was placed under suspension and an inquiry ordered.

While railway officials are unwilling to discuss what exactly happened, a workshop employee, who was leaving for home after his duty when the incident took place, said the engine was running and it was a monkey that got in and pulled the lever.

“I did not see the monkey but others said they had seen it in the engine when it suddenly started moving,” said the employee. The area where the workshop is located has a large population of monkeys.

Full story here.

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