Thursday, August 13, 2009

Minty The Monkey Caught In Banana Trap

minty the monkeyMinty the South American Capuchin monkey, who has been missing from a wildlife reserve in Christchurch, has been found.

Minty has been on the run from Willowbank Wildlife Reserve since late last week and a trap had been set with a banana as bait to try to capture the escapee.

Several people had spotted the little brown South American Capuchin monkey but park staff had not managed to get close enough to catch her until Thursday afternoon.

Willowbank marketing manager Jo Moore says they laid a banana in a trap at the base of the tree she was hiding in. She believes rain overnight Wednesday helped persuade Minty into the trap. She is now back at the park in a heated bedroom to warm up.

Moore says Minty's health will be assessed over the next two days.

Minty last tasted freedom a year ago when she took to the streets of Christchurch during a trip to the vet. After three days on the run, climb and scramble, Minty was safely recaptured and returned to her reserve.

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