Friday, August 28, 2009

Gorillas Shown Dating Pictures Of Possible Mate

gorilla photograph
gorilla photo
gorilla shown pictures of mate
The new arrival is coming to ZSL London Zoo from La Boissiere Du Dore zoo in western France this autumn.

Mjukuu, 10, Effie, 16, and Zaire, 34 have been without male attention since the death of silverback Bobby in December.

Staff at the zoo offered the animals a tantalising glimpse of his hulking 20-stone replacement by showing them a picture of him to see if they would make an association between the face in the picture and Yeboah's face when he arrives.

Tracey Lee, team leader of the zoo's mammal south department, said: "It would be nice to think they'll recognise him. I wouldn't be surprised if the penny drops when he arrives."

Staff at the French zoo are also showing German-born Yeboah pictures of the females so that he can get to know their faces too.

It is hoped that Mjuku, the youngest, will get pregnant very quickly.

Ms Lee said: "Mjukuu was holding the picture as if she was reading a newspaper. We think Yeboah will go for her first because she's very pretty, very social and she's a terrible flirt. She used to hug Bobby and sit on his knee all the time, while looking over her shoulder at the others."

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