Thursday, April 30, 2009

Man Dies After Killing Monkey With Axe

A dead monkey had the last laugh when the Mpumalanga pensioner who killed him with an axe died a few hours later.

Zondani Mkhwanazi, 64, of Mkhuhlu near Hazyview and his son, Bongani, were sitting outside Mkhwanazi's house on Saturday when he noticed movement at the top of a nearby tree.

It was a monkey jumping from one tree to another, screeching and chattering.

Mkhwanazi tried to chase the monkey away, but the animal settled in an isolated tree and wouldn't budge.

"My father thought the monkey was making fun of him," said Bongani.

He said his enraged father went into the house, fetched an axe and chopped down the tree, forcing the monkey to the ground where Zondani killed it with the axe.

Three hours later Zondani started complaining of cramps in his chest.

"We all thought it was old-age aches and pains from chopping down the tree," said Bongani

The family went to bed and was woken by the screams of their mother, Busisiwe Mkhwanazi. When they went into the bedroom, she told the family that their father had died in his sleep.

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