Thursday, March 19, 2009

Happily, The Monkey News Is Not Done...

Thanks to the interest of a few devoted followers, I am happy to announce that Monkeys In The News is not quite done. Starting today, we will officially become a group news blog.

In fact, this is an open call to anybody who would like to contribute to Monkeys In The News. Anybody interested in becoming part of the blog team, please email me at dayothemonkey(at)gmail(dot)com, and I will happily add you to the roster of contributors.

I believe Chris did a great job of laying out contributor guidelines, and I am going to reprint them (with my limited edits) here:

Guidelines For Monkeys News Contributors

* Monkeys In The News welcomes all contributors.
* To use Blogger, you must have a Blogger or Gmail account.
* To become a contributor, e-mail us at dayothemonkey(at)gmail(dot)com. We will then invite you to become a contributor by adding your e-mail in the blog's permissions. Look in your e-mail Inbox for instructions from Blogger.
* Posts should be news items about monkeys or primates, other than Homo sapiens. (Neanderthals are iffy, but relevant news is acceptable...)
* Please do not post about your personal life unless is it highly monkey-relevant. (e.g., photos and report from a Monkey Day celebration are acceptable...)
* Please keep posts confined to current news items from legitimate and impartial news sources. Do not write your opinions about news, politics, etc.
* Always post links to sources.
* When possible, please include a relevant photo with each post.
* Please also include at least one relevant label per post.
* Please check Monkeys In The News before you post, to see if somebody else has already posted the item.
* Contributors not following these guidelines may be removed.

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