Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Endangered Francois Langur Elke Makes Debut At Taronga Zoo

baby monkey
Elke, a five-day-old Francois Langur has faced the cameras at Taronga Zoo's Wildlife Hospital in Sydney.

Taronga's keepers have decided to hand-raise the monkey after she was rejected by her mother.

Agile and cheeky, Francois Langur live in highland forests where they forage for a variety of food sources. Babies are born coloured a deep apricot, which eventually grows out to their darker fur.

Taronga's langurs arrived at the zoo from Japan in late 2004 and Elke's parents have happily settled into the Wild Asia area. Hanoi, the male, is very curious and boisterous while, according to keepers, Elke's mother, Saigon, is a little shyer.

Francois Langur monkeys subsist mainly on leaves with fruit, buds, flowers, seeds, stems and bark providing supplements. They drink very little water.

They are are native to northeast Vietnam, southeastern China and west-central Laos, where they inhabit tall riverside crags in tropical monsoon forest in limestone mountains.

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