Friday, January 16, 2009

Feces-Throwing Monkey on the Loose in Tampa Bay

feces throwing monkeyOfficials in Tampa Bay, Florida are on the hunt for a rhesus macaque monkey that appeared out of nowhere and has been causing a lot of concern ever since. The reason: the species has a tendency to start throwing feces when it gets upset.

This simian saga began on Tuesday, when someone spotted the primate leaping from a tree and running through a parking into some nearby brush. Wildlife experts have been dispatched with a tranquillizer gun and a bucket truck to try and track the elusive creature down, but so far, it's eluded all their attempts to find it.

Official stress there's no real danger to the public but do note that these kinds of animals (not exactly like the one pictured, top left) have been known to throw some very unpleasant material at people when they get upset. They can also carry certain kinds of diseases, including hepatitis.

As the hunt for the monkey continues, so does another search - for the place it came from. Police concede they have no idea where the unusual visitor originated or how it got into the middle of a city like Tampa. But they suspect whoever owned it was unlicenced, and like the animal itself, is unwilling to come forward.

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