Friday, December 12, 2008

Baby Attacked By Monkey Troop In India

Monkey menace came to fore once again when a group of over half-a-dozen monkeys attacked and injured a two-month old baby boy on Thursday afternoon. The incident was reported from sector C of Jankipuram here.

Identified as Sujal Srivastava, the baby had been taken to the terrace of the house by his grandmother. The baby was lying on a mattress and his grandmother was sitting besides him when suddenly a gang of monkeys came on the terrace and attacked the child, even as the woman tired to save him from the simians. Before the child's grandmother could come to his rescue, the monkeys had seriously injured the baby, who cried incessantly with blood oozing out from his head and hands.

Hearing the cries, locals rushed to the spot and freed the baby boy from the simians. Sujal was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital.

Story here.

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