Monday, October 06, 2008

Chimp Born At Detroit Zoo

detroit zoo chimp born ajuaThe Detroit Zoo is now home to a baby chimpanzee.

The new chimp, Ajua, was born Sept. 4.

Ajua, Swahili for sunny, was born to first-time mother, Akati, 21, and father, Imara, 13.

According to zoo officials, Akati is a very good mother and is taking good care of Ajua.

"She is exceptionally protective of Ajua," said Associate Curator of Mammals Michele Seldon. "The rest of the troop is excited and curious about the baby, but Akati is very selective about which members may come near or touch him."

The Great Apes of Harambee is a four-acre habitat which houses 11 chimpanzees, three Western lowland gorillas, two mandrills and a Diana monkey.

The animals spend their days foraging, grooming and playing just as they would in their native African environment

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