Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Langur Born At Toledo Zoo

baby langurThe Toledo Zoo is welcoming a new addition to its Primate Forest. A male Francois' langur was born to mother Ashes and father Dong Puong in early September.

Adult Francois' langurs typically have a long, black, silky coat with a white bank of cheek fur. What sets them apart from other species in the Primate Forest is a pointed crest of hair on their heads. Babies; however, are born orange in color to protect the them by helping them blend in with foliage in their natural habitat.

The animals are native to Vietnam, southeast China and central Laos. They are an endangered population due to habitat loss from deforestation, human encroachment and hunting.

The Toledo Zoo is one of only a dozen zoos in the country to exhibit and breed the animals. They have been on exhibit in Toledo since 1996.

The baby monkey is the third son born to Ashes and Dong Puong. They have been on exhibit at the zoo since 2000.

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