Friday, September 19, 2008

2 of 3 Stolen Monkeys Returned To Sanctuary

stolen monkeysTwo of the monkeys missing from a monkey sanctuary for months were returned to Monkey Island early Friday morning.

A former staff member was taken into custody by police in Buchanan County after the monkeys were found at her home Thursday night.

The Monkey Island staff got a call late Thursday night from deputies that the monkeys, Abby and Nicholas, were found in Agency, Mo.

Staff members told KCTV5 News that the monkeys were found while the deputies were handling a domestic disturbance call at a former Monkey Island volunteer's house.

The volunteer was not the same woman seen on security surveillance videotape removing the monkey from their cages at the sanctuary in October 2007.

Monkey Island operator Dana Savorelli said, "We never knew this morning when we woke up that we'd be doing this at night time.

You don't know what life's going to bring. This part's a happy ending."

The monkeys were returned to the Monkey Island animal sanctuary in Greenwood around 1 a.m. Both appeared to be in good health, Savorelli said, but are still undergoing medical checks.

One of the three stolen monkeys is still missing.

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