Monday, August 11, 2008

Experts Called In To Help Track Moe The Chimp

A couple of experts known for capturing exotic animals are traveling to Southern California this week to help search for Moe the missing chimpanzee.

Michael McCasland, a friend of Moe's owners, said Sunday that the experts will arrive Friday or Saturday and offer guidance on how best to find Moe.

"These people are not neophytes on this; they're very good at what they do," he said. "I personally know one of the gentlemen has actually tracked down primates."

The 42-year-old animal escaped June 27 from his cage at Jungle Exotics, a sanctuary near Devore that trains animals for TV and movies. He is believed to be in the nearby San Bernardino National Forest, and volunteers have placed chimp food and water at feeding stations in hopes of luring him out of hiding.

"We think there's a strong chance he's still in this mile-by-mile quadrant," McCasland said. "He's just hunkered down somewhere near water and he's got some fruits and berries nearby."

McCasland said Moe's owners, St. James and LaDonna Davis, of West Covina, don't want to reveal details on the exotic animal finders. The experts offered their assistance shortly after Moe escaped, McCasland said.

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