Thursday, August 07, 2008

Escaped Monkey Stops Traffic In Ireland

monkey trafficThere were surreal scenes at rush hour on the N11 as amazed commuters left their cars to try to capture an escaped monkey.

Traffic on the entire south-bound lane of the dual carriageway came to a standstill as bemused drivers watched the ape frolicking in the middle of the road.

Gina, a-three-year-old Capuchin who lives at nearby Copsewood Aviary outside Kilmacanogue, Co Wicklow made her bid for freedom as morning traffic peaked.

Some quick-thinking drivers tried to lure her with bananas, but Gina easily gave them the slip until her worried keeper arrived on the scene with gardai.

Photographer Brian Kitson, who captured the scene in this picture, described the chaos when motorists realised what was happening.

“People seemed quite confused and befuddled to see this monkey on the road”, he said.

“They couldn't believe it. But it restored my faith in humanity. They could have just ploughed on, but they didn't, they stopped and got out, and tried to lure her with a banana. She was too fast for them and got away.

“There were three to four people actively involved in trying to rescue Gina but they were unsuccessful because she was a bit quicker than they were.

“The monkey was having the craic at first, she was delighted to be out, but then as people upped their efforts to catch her, she evaded capture. But she seemed to be enjoying her moment of freedom”, Brian said.

Gardai were on the scene within minutes, as well as Gina's keeper.

He chased her on a quad bike and caught her with a net.

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