Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Cocoa The Chimp At Salina Zoo Dies

cocoa and tireA chimpanzee that was a popular attraction at a Salina area zoo the for the past 12 years has died.

Cocoa was the leader of a group of three other male chimpanzees.

Officials at Rolling Hills Wildlife Adventure believe Cocoa developed an infection from a wound he received from one of the other chimps a few weeks ago.

Zoo director Kathy Tolbert says the wound had progressed too far by the time zoo workers became aware of Cocoa's injury. The chimp died Saturday.

Cocoa was born in Africa in 1971, but was kidnapped from the wild early on and sold into the pet trade. After being a private owner's pet for a few years, Cocoa was donated for biomedical research.

In August 1996, the chimp was given to the zoo six miles west of Salina.

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