Thursday, July 03, 2008

Florida Wildlife Officials Searching For Loose Monkey

snow monkeyThere's been some monkey business going on in Clay County, specifically in OakLeaf Plantation's Eagle Landing subdivision.

A primate has been sighted there several times, and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission is seeking the public's help in finding it.

The monkey, believed to be a Japanese or snow macaque, has been seen on Castle Oaks Court. State investigators received photos of the animal recently, according to Fish and Wildlife.

"Do not attempt to capture or trap this animal yourself," said Lt. David Lee, a commission investigator. "We also ask that no one attempts to feed it. The monkey has large canine teeth and can inflict a painful bite."

Anyone who sees the monkey can call the state's toll-free Wildlife Alert number at (888) 404-3922.

The agency is borrowing a trap from the Jacksonville Humane Society and will place it in a wooded area away from homes, Lee said. Fish and Wildlife also is working with the Jacksonville Zoo and others on the capture.

"We're concerned about the monkey, to be sure, but right now public safety is at the forefront," Fish and Wildlife spokeswoman Karen Parker said Wednesday.

No permit has been issued to anyone in the area to keep a captive Japanese macaque, Lee said.

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