Monday, June 09, 2008

Monkey Nip Nearly Takes Off Tot's Finger

A pet monkey nearly bit off the finger of a Queens toddler, and its owner was arrested and the illegal pet will be killed, authorities said.

Twenty-two-month-old Kimberly Salinas was playing in her Hollis backyard Thursday when she stuck her tiny fingers through a fence into her neighbor's yard.

That's when Mimwon Khan's Capuchin monkey, Sampson, caged in a pen next to the fence, leaned over and bit Kimberly's left pinkie.

"Her finger was just hanging there," said Kimberly's mother Nubia Salinas, 23. She said her husband, Oscar, had left the child alone for a few seconds to get her a sippy cup.

"He heard her screaming and came out and saw the monkey attacking her...We just moved here. I don't like that monkey," Salinas said.

Doctors at Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan spent 12 hours trying to reattach Kimberly's pinkie, but the blood was not circulating, the girl's mother said.

Khan, who owned the monkey for more than eight years, was charged with criminal nuisance and ownership of an illegal pet. The monkey will be put down so it can be tested for rabies, a Health Department spokesman said.

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