Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Loose Monkey Reported In Lafayette, Indiana

A man reported spotting a monkey this morning off of North Sixth Street, a block south of TRW.

Lafayette Animal Control Officer Ashley Kaufman said they received a report of a monkey in a tree, but they were unable to find anything. Kurt Slaughterbeck made the call, and said the monkey ran across his roof, then he saw it outside his window. He ran to get the phone and his binoculars, saw the monkey run across the street, and then lost track of it. "I don't know what kind of monkey it was. It was a foot and a half, maybe, tall. A small monkey," said Slaughterbeck.

"We get a couple of reports per year that turn out to be true of odd things. More often than not, we find it's a case where someone has seen an animal they thought was something else," said Kaufman.

Slaughterbeck knows what he saw. "It wasn't a squirrel," he said. "It may have been a squirrel monkey or something, I don't know. It was a small monkey that's all I know."

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