Thursday, May 29, 2008

37 Injured In Latest Orissa Monkey Attack

In the latest attack of a rowdy and violent monkey, at least 37 persons, including children and women, have been injured in remote Nikirai village under Orissa’s Kendrapara district since the past 48 hours.

The male simian species inhabiting in the village for more than a decade went amuck attacking the villagers. Four of the seriously injured persons have been admitted to the Kendrapara District Headquarters Hospital.

The villagers have drawn the attention of the local Rajnagar Mangrove Forest Division officials to the monkey depredation. But remedial measures to drive away the monkeys are yet to be launched, they rued.

The hospital sources said that more than 100 from the particular village have been administered anti-rabies vaccine in the past six months. Animal researchers are of the view that this typical behavioural tendency of simian species can be traced back to the loss of monkeys’ habitat and daily food.

This trend has apparently become pronounced since 1999 when the cyclone had caused maximum damage to the tree cover. The monkeys turned itinerant moving from one place to another.

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