Friday, April 11, 2008

Six-Year-Old Girl Bitten By Pet Macaque Monkey

A 6-year-old girl will need to undergo several tests after being bitten by a neighbor's pet monkey.

The girl, whose name is Reece, was playing near the Trenton Assembly of God when she spotted the monkey being walked on a leash.

Reece said it ran up to her and bit her on the finger.

"We were playing and I said, 'look there's a monkey'. And then, um, it bit me," said Reece.

The monkey, named Mikey, is from the rare Java macaque species and is a potential carrier of several diseases, including herpes, hepatitis, HIV and rabies.

The monkey was taken to the Monroe County Animal Shelter and is expected to be transported to Wayne County on Friday to be euthanized.

The woman who cares for the monkey said she's lived with him for several years without any health concerns.

The woman hopes to convince county officials to spare the monkey's life.

She would like the monkey to be taken to a private sanctuary in Texas where he can be tested alive.

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