Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Rare Monkey Born At The Houston Zoo

A rare monkey was born at the Houston Zoo, and it's the first birth of the species at the zoo in 29 years.

Matani is a Schmidt's red-tailed guenon. His father, Kabili, arrived at the zoo in 2006 with several other monkeys rescued from the bushmeat and illegal pet trade in Africa.

“Matani means ‘strength’ in Swahili, and the baby is living up to his name,” primate supervisor Dena Strange said. “He’s very strong and healthy. His mother, Malaika is being a great mom.”

It's Kabili's first offspring. According to the zoo, there are only 37 of the monkeys living in 10 zoos in the United States.

Though the red-tailed guenon is not endangered, it is protected by an international agreement. Their homes are being destructed by deforestation.

They're found in the Central African Republic, Kenya and Uganda. They have white noses and long red tails, which provide balance as they move through trees looking for their favorite foods – fruits, leaves and insects.

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