Friday, April 25, 2008

Farmer Kills Berserk Pet Monkey With A Rock

farmer kills monkeyA 59-year-old farmer was left with no choice but to bash his beloved pet monkey to death with a rock after the animal viciously attacked him at his house at Mile 37 Kuching-Serian Road on Wednesday.

The farmer had returned home around 4.30pm after tending his farm when he noticed that his pet monkey — who he had raised for the past six years — had escaped from its cage due to a faulty lock on the cage door.

Searching the entire house, he finally found the simian sitting on the roof of his house and decided to tempt it back down with a banana before eventually recapturing it.

Placing the fruit on the ground, the farmer stood next to it and called out to the monkey, which immediately scampered towards him.

However, instead of falling for the bait, the monkey went straight for its master and started biting and clawing the farmer’s left leg.

Startled, the farmer tried to shake off the attacking animal but only succeeded in agitating it further. The monkey switched its attention and attacked his left hand.

From there, the berserk beast began to savagely attack the farmer’s right arm and caused serious injuries.

Fortunately for the master, despite the blood and the pain, he was able to pick up a rock from the ground and smashed it against the animal’s head several times, and killing it.

Bleeding profusely from the attack, the old man nearly fainted at the scene and was rushed by family members to the Serian hospital.

Due to the seriousness of the injury to his right arm, the farmer was later transferred to the Sarawak General Hospital for further treatment and was admitted upon arriving around 10pm.

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