Monday, April 07, 2008

Diapered Monkey Caught After Escaping From Orlando Apartment Complex

monkey escapedA diaper-wearing monkey was caught running loose outside an Orlando apartment complex off of Conroy Road on Friday morning. Animal Control officers were able to trick the 4-year-old monkey to get into a cage after a short chase.

Four-year-old Prada, a male monkey, apparently escaped from a Coconut Palms apartment (see map). The monkey's owner is out of town and a friend was watching the animal. Somehow the monkey was able to escape from his cage and climbed out an open window.

Prada was then spotted running wild outside the Studio Park Apartments off Conroy Road. A maintenance worker on the property called police after spotting the animal jumping from roof to roof at the apartment complex. Police informed Animal Control who arrived at the scene and were able to use fruit to lure the monkey into a cage.

Monkeys are considered exotic animals and require a special permit, something the owner doesn't have. Because of that, Animal Control officers said they weren't sure if the monkey has been properly vaccinated.

The animal will eventually be turned over to Florida Fish and Wildlife, but he is being held in the care of the Back to Nature Sanctuary in Bithlo for the weekend.

Officers still need to speak with the owner, but said no one was injured. The owner may be able to get the monkey back if she complies with the requirements put forth by the Fish and Wildlife Commission.

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