Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Deformed And Abused Monkey Gets Second Chance At Life

joey the monkeyAn abused monkey left severely deformed after ten years in a 2m cage has been saved.

Joey, 11, was hunched and unable to stand after a decade in a windowless room with just a TV for company.

'It was probably the worst case I have seen of a physically and mentally disturbed animal,' said Matt Thomas from the Monkey Sanctuary in Looe, Cornwall.

'His bones hadn't formed properly. He can't climb.' Joey, dubbed the Hunchback of Notre Dame, was rescued last August from the north London flat.

'Since then, he has eaten well and had his first ever contact with other capuchin monkeys.

'He is shaky and will never be quite right,' added Jill Maltby from the sanctuary. 'It is wonderful to see him feeling the wind on his face.' The primate trade is barely regulated.

The sanctuary works to make keeping monkeys as pets illegal, which the government is as yet unwilling to do.

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