Monday, April 21, 2008

Chimpanzee Euthanized At Lincoln Park Zoo

chimpLincoln Park Zoo veterinarians Thursday afternoon euthanized Donna, a wild-born, 42-year-old chimpanzee who went into a coma after being anesthetized for a routine physical exam.

Zoo officials said that three staff veterinarians and their assistants completed Donna's annual physical, a 30- to 45-minute procedure, and put her in a space in the ape house to wake up when her heart stopped. They worked on Donna for more than hour, reviving her with CPR. However, she had lapsed into a coma, officials said.

"When it was apparent that we weren't going to get her back," said Robyn Barbiers, the zoo's vice president for animal collections, "we decided euthanasia was the most humane decision."

Donna had spent all but the first two years of her life at the zoo.

The zoo's pathology team performed a necropsy—an animal postmortem exam— and said they found no immediate causes for the death. Officials said results from more detailed tests could take weeks.

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