Monday, April 07, 2008

Boy Needs 18 Stitches After Attack By Monkey

monkey attackA 10-year-old boy needed 18 stitches to the head after being attacked by a monkey on Friday.

Md Aidi Amin Harun was walking to a football field near his home with three friends when they noticed the animal tied to a fence in Jalan Datuk Kumbar, Taman Serindit.

As Md Aidi walked past the animal, he slipped and fell, causing the monkey to become agitated.

"It grabbed both my legs and dragged me into a ditch filled with water," he said.

There, the monkey scrat-ched him and bit him on the forehead and ear.
"I also felt like I was going to drown. My face was covered in blood," said Md Aidi.

His friends were too afraid to help and ran off to alert the monkey's owner.

The owner pulled the boy away from the monkey and sent him to a private clinic.

He was transferred to the Sultanah Bahiyah Hospital.

The boy's father, Harun Hassan, said the worse injury was on the right side of his son's head.

He lodged a report at the Kota Star police headquarters yesterday.

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