Thursday, February 14, 2008

Young Orangutan Hangs Herself In Freak Zoo Accident

atina orangutanA young orang-utan has died of a dislocated neck in a "freak accident" at the Singapore zoo - the second primate death in a week.

Atina caught her neck in a hanging noose that was part of a hammock in the ape enclosure, a spokesman for the zoo said today.

Her mother, Anita, and other orang-utans tried to free the infant, he said. By tugging at her neck, they dislocated it.

Zookeepers said they could not reach Atina in time to save her because the mother kept pushing them away.

All hanging nooses have been removed from the enclosure.

The death came three days after the zoo buried Ah Meng, its star attraction and internationally acclaimed orang-utan who died at the age of 48 last Friday.

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