Monday, February 18, 2008

Florida Zoo Welcomes New Baby Primate

primate bornThe Central Florida Zoo is asking for help to name a baby primate born just one week ago.

It looks like a baby monkey, but it's actually a lesser spot-nosed guenon.

"(It's) another successful birth. One that's very rare, so we're very excited," Central Florida Zoo curator Bonnie Breitbeil said.

The baby weighs only a few pounds, and zookeepers said they're not yet sure if it's a male or female because it won't let go of its mother.

"We will not handle the baby for a while because it's very important for that bond to develop between the mother and the baby, and we don't want to interrupt and nursing behavior or anything like that," Breitbeil said.

Zookeepers said the baby is healthy, but there's one thing missing.

They're looking for help to name the baby, and they've suggested five names and will accept more suggestions. is also providing a Web cam where viewers can see what the mother and baby are doing at anytime.

The most popular name for the baby will be announced on Friday.

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