Friday, January 11, 2008

Grabby Gorilla's Leg Broken As Dad Gets Riled Over Raisins

Kazi's broken legHere's a lesson, kids: Don't mess with the old man's raisins.

Kazi, one of Zoo Atlanta's twin gorillas, decided to snatch some of dad Taz's raisins last week. That little act of insurrection earned the 2-year-old a trip to doctors who treated her last weekend for a broken leg.

Kazi, rambunctious as any toddler, apparently ignored her father's threats last Wednesday, said Dwight Lawson, the zoo's senior vice president of collections, education and conservation. The gorillas were in an enclosure behind the exhibit when she learned that it's not wise to ignore a peeved silverback.

"He yelled at her" when the youngster grabbed his raisins, he said. He yelled again when she came back for more.

When she came back a third time, the 19-year-old took his daughter to the simian equivalent of the woodshed.

"He picked her up and bit her on the leg," Lawson said. Kazi yelped and scooted back to her brother, Kali, and mom, Kuchi. Taz, order restored, finished his raisins.

Zoo workers kept a worried watch on Kazi. "We saw her limping around and decided to take a look," he said.

An X-ray revealed a fracture on her left leg.

The zoo called a couple of specialists, who gladly came on Saturday. They bent over a sedated Kazi and placed a stainless-steel plate on her leg, held in place by screws. The bone will grow over the plate, meaning Kazi may run into problems if she ever tries to pass through metal detectors.

Zoo officials suspect Kazi's bone may have mended without human help, but decided not to take any chances, Lawson said. At last report, she was walking carefully.

She, her mom and brother and another female have been placed in separate quarters until her bone is fully mended, he said.

According to all reports, Taz hasn't had any more problems with food thieves, either.

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