Friday, January 11, 2008

Baby Orangutan Born Via C-Section at Como Zoo

orangutan birthAt first he thought it was a practical joke. A doctor getting a call to examine a newborn organgutan.

The baby was delivered by C-section, the first time that's ever happened at the Como Zoo.

The four pound newborn required around the clock supervision for eleven days before he could be given to his mother.

The doctor from the University of Minnesota Children's Hospital said there was definitely something unique he noticed immediatley, while examining the animal.

"It was amazing, his gaze was very intense. A newborn human on their first day of life doesn't see very far, basically objects just right in front of their face," said Dr. Mark Bergeron. "Clearly he was seeing items further away. It was much more intense as far as his gaze goes. It struck me right away. He was certainly more hairy than most of my other patients."

The baby orangutan is the 14th born at the Como Zoo since 1959.

The zoo letting the public participate in picking out three possible names for the newborn.

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