Thursday, December 06, 2007

World's Oldest Fertile Gorilla, Orang-utan Turn 50

The world's oldest fertile gorilla and orang-utan in captivity, Matze and Charly, jointly celebrated their 50th birthdays with a cake each at Frankfurt Zoo on Thursday.

Matze the gorilla was born in central Africa in 1957 and spent the first years of his life with a troupe of showmen before arriving in Frankfurt in 1962, the zoo said. Charly, born in northern Sumatra, has been at Frankfurt Zoo since 1978.

"Each received a cake made with pastry and mandarin with cream on top -- but with no sugar," zoo spokeswoman Caroline Liefke said.

Both are great grandfathers, Matze having fathered 17 children -- the latest in April -- while Charly has sired more than 18, with the offspring of both spread all over the world.

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