Monday, December 17, 2007

Thai Authorities Hunt For Baby-Killing Monkey

A female monkey that bit a two-month-old baby to death was still on the run

Officials from agencies and foundations searched bushes in Samut Sakhon's Krathum Baen district where the monkey was briefly sighted.

"We are trying to catch it as soon as possible to reduce local people's worry," said Siriwat Paowongsa, head of the National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department's wildlife protection division.

Siriwat said people had described the monkey as "rather fierce". He had received a report that the monkey once attacked a worker at a scrap shop where it was raised.

The monkey had been kept at the shop for years but it went missing about a week ago. On Thursday, it bit Pongnarin Iamsam-ang while he was lying unattended in a cradle. Sustaining serious wounds to his head, he died from his injuries at Srivichai 3 Hospital later in the day.

Pongnarin's cremation took place yesterday. His mother, Noojan Pangrad, was advised to hold the cremation right away because she did not have the money for a funeral service.

The monkey's owner, Ruchakorn Tipnet, yesterday gave Noojan Bt10,000 towards the cost of the cremation.

Noojan owes more than Bt50,000 to the hospital for the treatment given to her baby.

Krathum Baen Police Station inspector Lt-Colonel Pramote Aksornphan said Ruchakorn would face criminal and civil charges.

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