Monday, December 10, 2007

'Monkey Gods' Snatched One Too Many Children, Placed Into Animal Orphanage

The residents of Padvi village, about 78 km away from here, can breathe a sigh of relief now. A 'monkey' threat to their kids has come to an end thanks to employees of the animal orphanage in the Rajiv Gandhi zoological park here.

According to the villagers, the monkey was lifting small children only to keep them on trees without doing any harm. "About six months ago villages spotted two male and female monkeys. They were treated as gods and provided with food regularly. However, things changed after the male monkey started lifting small children and keep them on trees," orphanage director Neelamkumar Khaire told TOI on Saturday.

Three children were lifted by the monkey three months ago. Villagers informed the forest department, which approached the orphanage. "According to the villagers, the monkey never injured any child, but only kept them with itself. After frequent incidents, fear had gripped the villagers," Khaire said.

On Friday, "we kept a puppy under the tree on which the monkey was usually seen. Within a few minutes, it came down to lift the puppy and we shot a tranquilliser at him."

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