Monday, November 05, 2007

Stolen Monkeys Returned Unharmed To Owners

monkeys stolenTwo exotic monkeys stolen overnight from a family in Washington County are now back with their owners.

The monkey's owner had quite a scare when he discovered the monkeys, worth thousands of dollars, were taken from his Somerset Township home.

He was not only concerned about the safety of the people who stole them, but also about the animals' survival.

They may look warm and fuzzy, but they are very powerful and very dangerous.

'' It's like dealing with a little 100-pound man. They are just unbelievably powerful, resourceful. They are very intelligent," said Grant Kemmerer, the owner of Wild World of Animals. "Their personality is they get into everything because in the wild they would be looking at everything, investigating it for food to see if it's food."

The break-in happened about 2:30 a.m.

Police say teenagers, acting on a rumor that marijuana was being grown inside the greenhouse, burglarized the place.

Once inside, though, all they found was tropical plants, some small alligators, crocodiles, a turtle and three monkeys.

The monkeys and dozens of other exotic animals are used for an educational program.

Late this morning, the two monkeys were returned.

They are said to be in good health, although one of them spent the night outside in a shed.

The owner says he is undecided about pressing charges.

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