Wednesday, November 14, 2007

2007 Monkey Day Webcomics Marathon!

Once again, it is time for a call to arms to webcomics for this year's fourth annual Monkey Day Webcomics Marathon. For those unfamiliar with Monkey Day and the marathon please go to the FAQ located here.

Last year we were
boinged and featured in the Financial Times Of Duetschland. No, I'm not kidding, if you can read German and have a subscription, you can read it here. Previous years we have been featured in Montreal's Hour newspaper, L.A. Weekly's City Beat Calendar, a live radio interview from 700WLW in Cincinnati, and we have also been featured in Detroit's Metro Times. So, who knows where we will be turning up this year!

Participating in the marathon is a great way to promote your webcomic and an even better way to support a great idea. The genius behind Monkey Day wish only to help support and promote those webcomics who choose to be involved. The starting date for this year's marathon will be on a Thursday, December 7th. Those participating will be prominently featured this year on, as well as and permanently side-linked at the only place to find your monkey news online,

Sorry for the late notification this year, we had been delaying announcements hoping to have some new software to support the marathon in place for this year, but the new format will have to delayed until next year.

Hope to hear from you all, go
here for submission guidelines. And for all those webcomic readers, feel free to send this invitation to your favorite webcomic creator!

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