Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Rampaging Monkeys Injure 15 In Athani

Tension gripped the town owing to mayhem of two violent monkeys as 15 more persons fell victim to their attack here on Sunday.

Out of the injured, 5 persons including a 4-year-old child are reported to be in serious condition. With the last attack the toll of the injured has raised to 25.

The reason behind the fiddling monkeys going amuck is still unknown. This time they targeted the areas of Jere Galli and Tahsildar office premises and attacked people, in the morning. This attack was more wilder than the earlier one.

The violent monkeys are not different than the common one’s which play around and do mischief. But never in the history did they attack anyone here unnecessarily, say the residents here.

The monkeys are growing wilder day after day and so are their attack getting severe.

They are being now hunted round-the-clock. It may be recalled here that on October 4, a monkey, which all of a sudden turned wild, attacked and bit about 10 persons around the bus stand premises. The injured were immediately provided medical aid.

Witnesses said that the monkey shouted and behaved madly during the attack.

It injured anyone whomever it could lay its hands on, they added.

Meanwhile, the Town Municipality along with the Forest Department had commenced the search operations for the wild monkeys, but been in vain till date.

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