Monday, October 29, 2007

Monkey Turns Nanny

monkey nannyPresenting a unique bond of love between simians and human beings, a monkey in Orissa's Dhenkanal area has adorned a baby-sitter's role by taking care of an infant human baby when its mother is busy doing household chores.

Every morning, the monkey arrives at the 21-day-old baby's house and spends rest of the day taking care of the baby boy. At times, the monkey goes asleep with the infant in the house.

"Initially, I was scared by this unusual affection shown by the monkey towards my baby. But today, the monkey takes care of him the whole day when I am busy with my household work. Sitting next to my baby son, the monkey looks after him as a mother and never harms," said Kamalini Khuntia, the mother.

Rohit Khuntia and Kamalini Khuntia, the parents of the infant were scared and reluctant to allow a monkey to come near the child. They even tried to shoo the simian away. But it did not stop the monkey from visiting their house and play with the baby.

Both of the parents have now given up their fear and now treat the monkey as family.

The unique incident showcasing an astonishing relation of love and care between a monkey and human child has become the talk of the town.

"Look this is an animal but showers love and affection like a real mother to a human baby. For the past 15-16 days, it is taking care of the baby as a mother would do," said, Shantanu Das, a neighbour

Khuntia's home has today become a favourite tourist spot of sorts, as several curious people keep visiting to witness the unique bond. Who knows the sight may influence the general mindset that usually perceives the presence of monkeys to be a menace for the human world?

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