Thursday, October 25, 2007

Monkey Learns To Chaperone Pigs

A monkey tending a herd of pigs was a common sight in Kunigal town.

But, the owner Nanjappa is in a fix now, as the caretaker has now started attacking the piglets. It was about seven months ago when a male monkey dropped in at the farm of Nanjappa near the big tank in Kunigal town.

Impressed by its gentle manner, Nanjappa fed and groomed it for a few days. Gradually the monkey became part of the farmer’s family.

The monkey soon learnt the skills of tending the pigs. Nanjappa was glad as he could save on an extra hand to look after his herd.

The duty-conscious monkey would head out with the herd at 6 am daily and bring them back home by evening. He was sincere and efficient in the job. While taking the pigs on the highway or crossing a street, the monkey would take care to steer the herd safely.

The pigs, Nanjappa says, used to respond to the monkey’s command. If a man or dog tried to trouble them, the monkey would glare at them. If the need arose, he would shoo them away to guard his precious herd.

There were instances of the monkey attacking such potential trouble-makers. Things were smooth for about six months.

But now the caretaker himself has started troubling the piglets and attacks them frequently. Nanjappa is in two minds as to whether to try to tame the monkey or release it into the forest.

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