Monday, September 10, 2007

Endangered Monkey Population Found In Indonesia

nasalis larvatusSome 60 nasalis larvatus (with local name bekantan monkey) were found living in group in an untapped forest by researchers from the South Kalimantan-chapter of the Natural Resources Conservation Agency (BKSDA), Indonesian Antara News Agency reported on Sunday.

The finding of the endangered nasalis larvatus last August was incredible as the albino mammal has been threatened with extinction, according to South Kalimantan chapter of BKSDA chairman Siswoyo.

"The finding of around 60 bekantan monkeys which like to live in companionship in a solitary place is very encouraging," he said.

Even Kaget island which was turned into a nasalis larvatus habitat only has a smaller number of nasalis larvatus. Nasalis larvatus population in the island has dwindled due to mining activities near the island, he added.

To maintain the population of the endangered animal, the South Kalimantan-chapter of BKSDA has asked local government to ban any group from doing activity in Kaget island.

"BKSDA has asked South Kalimantan governor Rudy Ariffin to help protect Kaget island from any mining activities which can harm the population of nasalis larvatus," he said.

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