Monday, August 13, 2007

Three Million-year-old Primate Teeth Missing From Auraria

All that's needed before anthropology professor Charles Musiba's study is ready to publish are high-resolution photos of fossilized primate teeth 3 million years old.

But there's one problem: The teeth are missing.

They were reported lost or stolen from the Auraria campus' administration building last week, and Musiba, his students and colleagues are holding off on publishing the report about primate existence in East Africa until the teeth are found.

"They're tiny little teeth," Musiba said. "They're not going to be of use to anyone else aside from scientific use."

The teeth are valued at $30,000, according to a police report, and are on loan to the campus from Tanzania. Police have no leads or suspects.

"You can't put any value on material like that," the University of Colorado at Denver professor said. "There will be no questions asked if someone can bring them back."

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