Monday, August 27, 2007

Rogue Monkey Caught In Orissa Town

In an exercise to end the ongoing simian menace, wildlife personnel on Sunday put a rogue monkey under lock and key much to the relief of residents of this township.

As for the first time the exercise of this nature was carried out in this coastal Orissa town, there was a large assembly of curious local residents.

The wildlife officials of state forest department had a tough time in nabbing the trouble-making animal. After an hour-long hide and seek, the monkey was caged near Baniamala area of the town early this

The rowdy male monkey had literally unleashed a reign of terror in at about four to five localities in the heart of the town.

In fact, the animal had affected the normal life to a certain extent with over fifty locals including small children injured following biting spree of the male monkey.

Two government-run primary schools in these areas witnessed drop in daily attendance as it attacked the school children.

The rogue animal sneaked into government offices and banks and perpetrated nuisance. On quite a few occasions since past fortnight, it attacked pedestrians besides two-wheeler riders disrupting the vehicular traffic.

Later the civil administration had requested the Cuttack territorial forest division to cage the unruly monkey for safety of life and property.

"For about an hour, we followed the monkey as it moved from one place to the other. It was offered a bunch of bananas in form of inducement. As it came down from rooftop to eat the bananas, we sprayed
tranquiliser on it. It soon turned immobile following the impact of tranquiliser. It was caged as soon as it regained consciousness," narrated Kamal Lochan Purohit, forest range officer from wildlife wing of the forest department.

"The rowdy monkey would be kept under observation for a day. We have decided to release it in the Damijola reserve forest in Choudwar area of Cuttack district."

This coastal district, known for frequent floods and cyclone, is currently hit by another unexpected problem - the monkey menace. Attacks by monkeys in regular intervals have already made life hell for people residing in many areas of this region.

An infant was picked up by a rogue monkey from a house in Nikirai village last year and the child met a tragic end after the animal tossed up the child to the ground from the house-top.

In Laxminarayanpur, Nikirai and Kansara village areas, the farmers continue to bear the brunt of simian fury with hordes of monkeys causing intensive damage to crop fields. Vegetable growing has dropped

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