Monday, August 27, 2007

First Ever Monkey Sterilization In Andhra Pradesh

Wildlife officials, in a first ever initiative of its kind in Andhra Pradesh, have sterilised at least 10 monkeys in a forest reserve to curb the growing population of simians here.

The step has come as a measure to control the growing number of monkeys at the Indira Gandhi Zoological Park here. The rise in monkeys' population has caused concern to the zoo officials, mainly due to their accommodation and arrangement of food for them.

The number of monkeys has risen to 30, though the zoo can take care of only 15 to 18 monkeys at a time.

The zoo veterinarians have also sterilised wild monkeys from a nearby forest reserve, which entered into human settlements in the city. It was complained that they attacked some residents.

M. Srinivas, park's veterinarian, said: "They are biting people or have been reported to have bitten people. So such monkeys... the forest department has taken an initiative to capture them and bring them to the zoo hospital. And after being kept in quarantine for a month, they are being vasectomised."

"After proper treatment and when the wound is healed, again they are let out in the reserve forest after taking permission or some of them that require further care are retained in the zoo hospital," he said.

After their operation, the monkeys are cared for till their wounds are healed and then freed into the forest.

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