Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Capuchin Monkey Picks Locks And Escapes Mississippi Zoo

oliver lock picking monkeyA lock-pickin' primate described by handlers as "a smart little monkey" busted from his pen and escaped the Tupelo Buffalo Park and Zoo early Tuesday.

The antics of Oliver, the white-face capuchin, sparked the summer's second citywide search for a loose mammal, and it was his second time to break free of his confines in the last few years.

In the city's first animal caper this year, a young bull broke loose from an unknown location and eluded police and freelance cowboys for one month. It was spotted downtown and near the Buffalo Park before being caught behind the Daily Journal's South Green Street offices in July - on Friday the 13th.

Oliver apparently picked the lock to his pen about 8 a.m. and led park staff on a wild chase through their trail system before eventually escaping.

"He's a smart little monkey," said park employee Ann Stewart.

Indeed. This is actually Oliver's second leg on the lam. About six years ago, the frisky primate fled the home of Buffalo Park owner Dan Franklin and roamed the Tupelo Country Club grounds for roughly two weeks.

This time, police and animal-control officers are on the look-out for Oliver, but park staffers also seek help from residents to steer home the wayward monkey.

"If you see him, call us," said Stewart, who said the small mammal will respond to his own name and might take bait of bananas, marshmallows or grapes.

Do not try to touch him, though, Stewart warned: "He will bite. People around here have handled him, but he will bite. Just call the Buffalo Park."

Oliver is a 9-year-old capuchin, a common species of monkey native to South and Central America and best known as an organ grinder's sidekick. A capuchin also played Marcel in the hit TV series "Friends."

Stewart thinks Oliver could be in the Country Club or Colonial Estates areas but said he could have traveled much farther given his knack for speed.

"He could outrun the horses," she said. "You can't catch him. If he doesn't want to be caught you can't catch him."

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1 comment:

Jonny the Monkey said...


My name a Jonny the Monkey - number one most famous movie star in all Kazakhstan. Good friend Borat still only number four most famous, even after great success movie film...

Me celebrate Oliver escape from cage because Jonny also capuchin monkey!

And have to laugh at idea he be lure with bait that include "bananas, marshmallows or grapes". If try to catch Jonny, would have better luck if offer whiskey and cigarette!

You also say capuchin monkey "best known as an organ grinder's sidekick". But in my country best known capuchin be Jonny!

Me host popular children TV showing and also star in movie like 'Trans-Siberian Express', "King Khram" and many other pornos.

For FYI, Oliver now in Underground Railroading to be sneaked up to minor nation of Canada. There he have life with freedom while live in igloo, hunt walrus, and ride buffalo.


NOTE: This comment was 'hand signed' by Jonny the Monkey to his gypsy assistant Batyr, who then translated and posted those words here.