Thursday, August 23, 2007

Baby Gorilla Born After Congo Massacre

gorilla birthA small ray of hope has been given to conservationists in DR Congo after a baby gorilla was born to great apes in the Virunga National Park.

Wildlife Direct said the baby was born to the only female, Bilali, in the region's Munyaga Family.

The news comes after the massacre of four gorillas last month, which wildlife workers described as a "devastating tragedy".

Workers from Wildlife Direct trekked out into the forest after hearing news from guards about the baby and found the family sitting with the newborn.

Although Bilali was protective of her baby and hid in vegetation, after a few moments in the workers' company she was willing to show the workers her baby.

"It was a great sight to see, and we are even able to tell you that the newborn is a boy," they reported in the organisation's blog. "We truly hope that this is one of many infants to join the Munyaga family."

A three-month emergency action plan has been developed since July's tragedy, which includes round-the-clock monitoring of the six remaining gorilla families in the Mikeno sector.

Unesco has also launched an external investigation into the killings, pictures of which shocked the world when they were released at the end of last month.

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