Monday, July 30, 2007

Monkey Stolen From Darwin Tourist Spot

stolen monkeyMonkey business at one of Darwin's top tourist attractions has the owners of Crocodylus Park scratching their heads.

Workers at the popular park woke last Saturday morning to find a Marmoset - worth about $2,000 - had been stolen from the monkey enclosure.

Police are investigating the disappearance, which staff believe occurred some time between 4.30pm (CST) on Friday and 9am on Saturday.

"Unknown person/s have entered the park by cutting a hole in the perimeter fence which backs onto bushland towards Mickett Creek," police said in a statement.

"The offender/s have then gone to the cage housing the Marmoset monkeys and cut a further hole."

The cage usually houses three Marmosets, two of which were found perched on top of their cage.

But the whereabouts of their furry friend, who measures about 15cm, remains a mystery.

"Anyone who may have been in the area during these times and saw any suspicious activity, or has any information that could assist police with their investigation, is urged to call them," the statement said.

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