Monday, July 16, 2007

Monkey 'Steals' Korean Tourist's Specs

In an unprecedent occurence, a Korean tourist here has filed a complaint with police for the recovery of his glasses 'stolen' by a monkey.

Kim Dang Hoon, staying with his girl-friend at a guest house in the Meer Ghat area on the banks of Ganga river today lodged a complaint at the Dashwashamedh police station for the recovery of his reading glasses stolen last evening by a monkey.

''I opened the windows of the room for fresh air last evening. A monkey, however, sneaked inside and took away my reading glasses,'' the Korean national told UNI here.

''I brought the matter to the notice of the guest house owner but the spectacles could not be found anywhere. Later we found one of lenses broken on the terrace of the guest house,'' he added.

''I had no other option but to report the matter to the police for the recovery of the reading glasses,'' Kim maintained.

Station Officer (Dashwashamedh) Govind Singh said ''it is not difficult but impossible to initiate action against a monkey for the recovery of the tourist's reading glasses. A complaint of missing glasses has been lodged to enable the Korean tourist to make an insurance claim for his missing belonging.''

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