Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Kentucky Teens Held In Monkey Theft

stolen marmoset monkeyA man and woman from Northern Kentucky are charged in the felony theft of two baby marmoset monkeys from an exotic pet store in Sevierville, Tenn., about half an hour south of Knoxville.

Jessica Dawn Fields, 18, of Butler, and Luis David Flecha, 19, of Covington, are accused of stealing the monkeys from the pet store Thursday morning.

stolen monkey teenThe marmosets are valued at $4,500 and $2,800. They were found Sunday in the pair's vehicle by police in Maryville, Tenn., about 45 minutes east of Sevierville.

Exotic Pet Center owner Gilbert Perez told the Associated Press on Monday that the female monkeys were born in captivity. One was seven weeks old, and the second was between eight and 10 weeks old, he said. In pictures posted on the pet store's Web site, a baby marmoset is small enough to fit in an adult's hand.

arrested teen stolen monkeyThe monkeys were returned to the pet store, and the accused thieves are held at the Blount County jail. Fields is charged with burglary and held on $10,000 bond. She will appear in court Friday. Flecha is charged with resisting arrest, vandalism and theft. He is held on $6,000 bond and set to appear in court July 11.

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