Monday, July 02, 2007

Dutch Zoo Will Not Be Prosecuted Over Gorilla's Escape

Rotterdam's Blijdorp Zoo would not be prosecuted for the escape of a gorilla Bokito who injured one woman seriously when it escaped in May, the Dutch prosecutor's office said Monday. The Dutch prosecutor's office said it would not be raising criminal charges against the zoo in connection with the incident in which 13-year old Bokito escaped from his ape island and attacked several people, injuring one woman seriously.

Investigations into the incident convinced the prosecutor that Blijdorp had taken sufficient safety measures and could not have foreseen or prevented the escape.

Several days following Bokito's escape, primate experts said the gorilla had probably been provoked by visitors in the zoo throwing stones.

A week after the escape, a family who did not sustain any physical injury during the incident filed a complaint with the police against the zoo.

They claimed the incident had harmed their four-year old son psychologically. The family felt Blijdorp should be accountable for failing to prevent the escape of a dangerous animal.

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